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Aaron’s Top Ten Films of 2023

10. Asteroid City No one else could do this. That’s not to say other filmmakers can’t deliver similar works, but as a writer and director, Wes Anderson continues to develop and deliver films that uniquely bear his stamp. This time...


Aaron’s Top Ten Films of 2022

Aaron’s Top Ten Films of 2022 10. Kimi Steven Soderbergh teams with writer David Koepp for something specifically placed yet crowd-pleasing, even feeling as though it could serve as a superhero origin story for Zoë Kravitz’s Angela Childs, who finds...


Aaron’s Top Ten of 2021

10. The Power of the Dog As a revisionist western tackling the idea of the very masculine rancher, the way this story unfolds leaves plenty to consider and more rewards when prompted to reconsider. 9. Last Night In Soho Pushing...

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