Aaron’s Top Ten of 2018

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  1. Cardi Bee says:

    Overall your list was good (with the exception of Paddington 2 – all the films
    in 2018 and you insert that into the best 10?)

    However, the grammar in your first sentence is awkward, caught my eye,
    and made me stop reading in order to make sense of why it sounded

    You wrote:
    “It just isn’t fair to pick only 10 films to represent the best of
    2018—this is a year that could easily warranted a Top 20.”

    Since your statement alludes to something that was possible but did not happen
    the modal verb form of “could have” should be used rather than “could” alone.
    “Could have” implies that something was possible (e.g., a top 20 was possible but
    was not chosen). “Could easily warranted” does not sound right. Read or say it to


    In the second sentence you mixed verb tenses and make another awkward sounding

    You wrote:
    “In fact, I could completely rearrange this list, including 10 different titles…”

    It reads and sounds much better like this:
    “In fact, I could completely rearrange this list, include 10 different titles…”

    In your third sentence you wrote:
    “…I actually wrote up for more than ten,”

    You don’t need that “for” inserted in there, or
    a rephrasing such as “wrote down” or “listed” would have
    been better.

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