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AFI Fest 2013: Trapped, by Scott Nye

Confining a film to a single house is both sort of an attention-grabbing premise – “look at all we can do with just this one location!” – and something of a cost-saving measure. Between the filmmaker and everyone else involved,...


AFI Fest 2013: Taking Flight, by Scott Nye

Not only does a film festival such as AFI Fest allow one to see so many films that one might not otherwise (either through simple scheduling or something as frustrating as the film not being available to see any other...


AFI Fest Review: Saving Mr. Banks, by Scott Nye

I’m a fairly sentimental man by nature, and as such, given to displays of sentimentality in the movies. Because the feeling comes so naturally outside of the cinema, its representation therein can be equally honest. I don’t mind admitting it....


AFI Fest 2013 Preview

My thoughts in advance of this year’s AFI Fest will be comparatively brief, though not for lack of enthusiasm. I simply don’t know a whole lot about the films that are playing. I kind of like it. Oh, sure, you’ve...

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