An Action Auteur, by Scott Nye

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2 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Wait, what? I understand the impulse to buck the trend and actually say something complementary about this movie, but I think you are forgetting that this movie is a big piece of incoherent garbage.

    I will say one nice thing. Alan Tudyk is pretty delightful as John Turturro’s own personal effeminate German Kato. However, Tudyk and Turturro are the only enjoyable thing about this movie.

    What is the deal with that little Rastafarian autobot that is like a sidekick to the little Buscemi-bot voiced by Tom Kenny? Why does he have a constant wisp of smoke emanating from his head? Does this autobot smoke weed or is this just Michael Bay continuing to traffic in tired stereotypes.

    Then there is the new autobot named Que who, much like the Bob Marley-bot, has weird glowing hair. I guess this character is an homage to Desmond Llewelyn’s Q from the world of 007, but it seems more patterned after the Disney character Ludwig Von Drake.

    Then in one of the worst scenes in the trilogy, “Carly” wanders away in the midst of the climactic battle scene and decides to trash talk Megatron for no reason.

    Whatever observations you might make as to this having a “unique personality and singular vision” cannot possibly outweigh all of the egregious crimes against good taste.

  2. Ben says:

    Now that I think about it, I think Alan Tudyk’s character was probably Dutch, because his name was Dutch.

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