An Idiot Aboard, by David Bax

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3 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    T.J. Miller is what pushed this movie over the top for me. I liked the cast enough to overlook the banality of the plot, and they did a nice job of dropping T.J. in every 20 minutes or so just to add some delightful comedy.

  2. Ben says:

    …but oh my god that ending was terrible.

  3. David, I agree with you on this one, and especially appreciated your final paragraph. I too had fun spending time with these actors, but didn’t believe them as characters. There was never a sense that these people grew up together. Doesn’t hurt that Zooey, Liz Banks (I call her “Liz”), Rashida, and the devilishly handsome Paul Rudd are good to look at, but beyond a few LOL moments, it just sat there. And I agree with Ben, that TJ Miller (whose voice I mainly recognize from Doug Loves Movies podcasts) stole the show.

    And full disclosure: I paid to see this. No press screening for me.

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