Avengers: Endgame: Make It Snappy, by David Bax

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  1. Pete Stevens says:

    David is spot on with his review. I enjoyed a lot of Endgame, but that last hour was a mess and we’ve seen it all before. Infinity War worked far better. Endgame is a good Marvel movie but it’s not a great one. Some great moments but yes, a lot of the colourful characters are missing post ‘snap’ and they are certainly missed in this sequel.

    • Alek says:

      They did a very poor job on how the world reacts to the snap event. How did the religious people react? How did other countries react? How did the government react? They didn’t showed any of it! Instead they just showed like it’s a normal day with a bunch of kids who wants to take a picture with a poor CGI hulk. And how did antman manage to get out of the quantum realm? They didn’t even explained on how Korg and Valkyrie manage to escape when Thanos ship attacks their ship. They just there with Thor playing a dumb game for toddlers. And if they stole all the infinity stones from the past shouldn’t it affect the timeline? And aren’t Cap and Nebula was supposed to cease to exist the moment they meet their past self? It’s one of the logical rules of time travel. When you meet your past self from a different timeline it will cause a collision to your existence and the result is your existence will be erase in the timeline and it will create a time paradox. And the fact that Black Widow sacrifice herself so Hawkeye can obtain the soul stone when the main rule on how to obtain it is to sacrifice the person you most loved. So it means that Hawkeye loves Black Widow more than his wife and children? That scene when they almost kiss was so cringey and disgusting. And the students on Peter Parker’s school didn’t even age even though 5 years has passed? This movie is very convoluted. There’s too many plot holes inside of plot holes. Oh and BTW Thanos just throws Captain Marvel like a rag doll without infinity stones. I thought she was supposed to be the strongest mcu character?

      • Kinnell says:

        1. They explicitly mention and show that the implications of the snap – governments barely holding it together, people in support groups trying to move on in their lives trying to do normal things like dating, people at memorials, desolation in streets and cities. Those kids were probably too young 5 years ago to process what truly happened.

        2. They show a rat accidentally touch a part of the quantum realm machine in the van which pulls out Ant-man.

        3. They don’t need to over-explain everything. It can be assumed that before the first scene of Infinity War, that some Asgardians escaped as others tried to fight Thanos because Thanos destroys the ship afterwards.

        4. No. Did you not pay attention at all? They explicitly say that time travel doesn’t work like it has in other movies. They list off all these movies from which you keep drawing your “logical rules of time travel” and say that’s not how it works. Going back in time puts you in a new reality where actions may affect the future of that reality but not your original reality. The Ancient One and Professor Hulk have an entire conversation about how their actions would affect other realities and how those may end up going down dark paths if their reality stones are not returned. They can’t change the past of their own reality.

        5. Rewatch that scene from Infinity War. It’s not sacrificing that which you love most. It’s sacrificing a soul that you love. You can’t sacrifice what you don’t have – Hawkeye’s wife and children are dead. And Black Widow & Hawkeye consider each other family so the sacrifice is valid.

        6. The students that didn’t age were students that were also snapped. It can be assumed that the other students continued with school and are no longer in high school and probably in college.

        7. Yes, people said that Captain Marvel would be one of the strongest heroes, but that doesn’t extend to every single being. She wasn’t going to be the easy solution to Thanos. Thanos headbutted her but she held her ground. But ultimately, I’m glad that Thanos beat her so Tony could be the one to put him down.

        I doubt you’ll rewatch the movie but I’d recommend actually watching and paying attention before making up plot-holes next time. The movie isn’t perfect, but its flaws aren’t any of the things you listed.

      • Ashish Godayal says:

        I believe u have a complete wrong take on the movie but will like to correct u on just 2 points….
        1. It was never said in the 2 movies that u have to loose someone u loved the most to get the soul stone ….watch the Vormir scenes again if u like……its said that u have to loose that u love…..so its not necessarily the most loved one…..it so happened that in Thanos case Gamora was the only person he loved so she might be the most loved one as well…..
        2. Secondly it is also never mentioned that Captain Marvel is the strongest MCU character…….she may be strongest avenger though……u r reading too much of fan theories and believing them to be true….

      • Pad88 says:

        I don’t know if you’re trolling or just refused to watch 90% of the movie… because most of the questions you’ve just asked were actually answered in the movie. Did you fall asleep or something? I’m sorry to say this, but all movie discussions aside… you seem to have very low IQ and EQ with the impression I have from you with what you just wrote above.

    • Greg says:

      The last hour was incredible. We didn’t see the same film.

    • John says:

      The problem with this film was most people go in caring about who was going to die rather than having expectations of a great story, and the reason for this is because Marvel has kind of trained people not to expect a great story, just lots of bright colours, mixed in with snappy one liners for humour (seriously, every character in the freaking MCU has the same sense of humour expect for Rocket and Drax).

      And how many more times in the MCU will the heroes face an NPC army. Compare them to the orcs in Lord of the Rings who actually have personalities, who feel hatred, fear and show signs of sharing a purpose with their leaders. The Avengers have now had to fight four armies full of enemies without a single personality amongst them. They’re all just copied and pasted.

      I respect that people like it, it’s okay to, but it doesn’t offer me anything spectacular. It’s the Candy Crush Saga of movies. Fill it with bright colours, not challenging, easy for a 4 year old to understand but so many levels to make people think they’ve actually progressed. A lot of previous Marvel films have suffered because they’d all had to be a lead up to this.

      As a kids film, it’s probably great, but as a film, it’s not. I saw more diverse personalities in The Mighty Ducks and compared to great stories out there in TV at the moment, the one told in End Game is rather poor.

      • What? says:

        Wait what? how are the orcs shown to have personalities? Spoiler alert, they aren’t. It would be cool to have a smaller moment without the massive battle. I agree, however that whole battle was set dressing rather than an expectation of importance. The avengers are all playing hot potato with the gauntlet rather than the battle, that is the focus. Also, you are kind of missing any sense of character depth. The whole first third was a somber character study of the avengers and how they handle being defeated and losing 1/2 the population. Natasha holds onto the avengers as a way to do some good, Steve always tries to inspire and look on the brightside. Stark moves on and builds a family, Thor falls into a spiral of alcohol and tries to forget everything he lost. Hawkeye just snaps and goes on a mass murdering streak of criminals, losing everything that tied him to who he is. We see the care and platonic but touching relationship that was built up between Black Widow and Hawkeye. It is most certainly not the candy crush of movies.

  2. D says:

    You are an asshole of battleship proportions. Congrats on a review that has no value

  3. MrNexis says:

    Well, only 3-4% of you that “wanted a good movie” were unsatisfied, so I guess that it was a success.

  4. Jonny Zavala says:

    Ur honestly really pathetic.obviously a movie like this is for fans and not for people that want to just see a good movie that’s why ur stuck as a writer from a website that no ones ever heard of XD

  5. Dedicate to another useless piece of shit, Your page is shit

  6. Not a Moron says:

    k, we get it, you REALLY REALLY want a Pulitzer prize and believe disliking things using big words will earn you one.

  7. Poopy Diaper says:

    You’re review is idiotic and baseless. Literally everyone disagrees with you. You click bait lying sack of poop.

  8. Jim C says:

    Where does that leave you? In the minority…..

  9. Joshua Kelly says:

    Goes in to the last movie in an entire franchise expecting to not have to have seen the 20+ movies prior. You are simply a joke, plain and simple.

  10. Terry Gallo says:

    This movie is clearly made for people who have watched the entire series. Idiot reviewers like this probably went in cold, and are upset there’s little character building to go with the payoff. It’s like if someone watched the series finale of Breaking Bad without watching the show, and was upset that he didn’t know who the characters were or why they were doing what they’re doing. It’s baseless, un-researched commentary from a writer trying to get notoriety. Zero journalistic integrity. Being contrarian with no grounds outside of your own need for attention is why social media sucks.

    • Alexx says:

      As for today’s audience being dumb, the top weekend earning films in 1965. were Thunderball (Bond), Dr.Zhivago and Sound of music, scoring equal weekend earnings, while in total Sound of music earned almost thrice of Thunderball, while Dr. Zhivago managed almost twice…so much about today’s movie goers who throw money at garbage, being tasteless ignorants, which is also the David Bax point. you can’t have good films being blockbusters today, but that’s solely thx to piss poor education system and low to none values in life of your average Joe

      • bob says:

        fun fact: Sound of Music is #3 all-time when adjusted for inflation (behind GWTW and Star Wars, ofc), and just ahead of ET.

        The fucking Sound of Music made goddamn BANK

  11. DB says:

    Well la-di-da. More like Battleship Pretentious.

    My favorite line: “what the hell are you doing reading reviews before you’ve seen the movie?”

    Yes, let me go see the film first and then look up reviews to see whether or not it’s worth seeing.

  12. JS says:

    I like really yellow corn.

  13. Black panther says:

    This is the grand finale of an 11 year series of 20+ movies that fans have paid to watch with our hard earned money. 11 years… and youre all like “well what about the rest of us?” Well, what about it? You didnt pay to see all the other movies like we did. We deserve to get our grand finale. We deserve a movie for us. You go watch something else.

  14. Jules says:

    It wasnt that great

  15. Marko says:

    Well I can probably guess what this week’s beginning of the show topic will be about.

  16. Ryoko says:

    I just looked for all the negative review sites until I found one with comments just to see how bad the writer got roasted lmao. I was NOT disappointed xD.

  17. Half Nelson says:

    Wow! What crappy writing… you shouldn’t watch Marvel movies in a bad mood… why don’t you go find something you may enjoy doing professionally?

  18. Danny says:

    “This involves some meagerly fun, globe-trotting, “get the gang back together” scenes”
    I’m sorry were you already asleep by the first scene when Clint lost his family with the snap? Or when Scott had to frantically piece together what the hell happened, to find his only daughter 5 years older? Did you blink while Natasha struggled to keep composure after Rhodey told her where Barton is and what he’s become?

    “Even the long-awaited reunion of Iron Man and Captain America is weighed down with somberness.”
    They lost the battle to protect half of all life in the universe.
    Tony’s first line to Steve stumbling out of the spacecraft was “I lost the kid”. Steve lost Bucky, his closest friend he’d given up the Avengers and the title of Captain America to save.

    I’m sorry but at least pretend like you have any semblance of understanding the context of the movie.

  19. Shank says:

    Just saw the movie. Terrific stuff.

    And this review is pretty terrific too – fall down hilarious in fact.

    Every reviewer who doesn’t think like you is a “die-hard” fan. Nice.

    Flora and fauna? Do you think he should have wiped out flora and fauna? Did you watch Infinity War? The entire purpose of Thanos was to wipe out those using too much of the natural resources and you think pointing out flora and fauna was spared is a point worth making?

    Who knows what you’re talking about with the “humor” used up, the “self importance”, the “retreads of what we’ve already seen”.

    Then there’s the really thought provoking “conventional wisdom” bad guys, the wtf are you talking about “bland through familiarity”, and the dizzying “homogenous, grim determination”.

    Half the universe wiped out. What kind of “determination” do you think would be appropriate? “Comforting determination”? No? How about some “sunny determination”? No? Pleasing? Gentle? Bright? Tell us, what’s the best determination to have going up against a mad Titan in a comic book movie based on comic book characters?

    “The latter improved on Marvel’s reputation for dull aesthetic monotony.”
    Well I’ll be. I had no idea they had such a reputation! All those strange worlds and weird characters and here it was all dull aesthetic monotony all along. Who knew.

    “…final showdown unfolds on yet another drab, indistinct battlefield.”

    So. To sum up, what would have made it a “good movie” to you would have been humor you approved of, a lot less somber and a lot more breezy and a brightened up battlefield. I mean, come on, what’s wrong with a few daisies in the background, some soft white clouds against a blue sky…

    Dude. You should have just taken the day off.

    • Alexx says:

      The movie feed you dozens of ‘wait, what just happened’ moments that are meant to give fans fun nostalgia feelings, when in fact it’s smoke and mirrors to cover up the hundreds of mile-deep plot holes that make no sense. Basically, any rules that this universe held true to in previous movies, and even this one, are completely thrown out the door . . . everyone can do everything, and also nothing . . . and just for funzies they add a girl-power me-too moment.

  20. Tye says:

    Where does it leave you? Leaves you on the autistic spectrum I believe. You’re obviously not right in the head if you didn’t think this movie was anything short of phenomenal. Either that or the intellectual capabilities of a 15 year old girl starved for attention. Truly astonishing how garbage your review is

  21. SuckItDry says:

    What an absolute moron…..

  22. Timmeh says:

    This is a completely baseless idiotic review. The reviewer has no clue and it shows. Yet this aholes opinion gets to count against the film. Nice.

  23. Kris says:

    I agree with the reviewer, who dares to openly dislike a film that has tons of religiously devoted fans, some of them venting their fury in the reply section… Well, I for one think this film’s story is predictable. Again about superheroes in capes searching for a shiny object… It is often emotionally manipulative and pompous in tone, and replete with “fan service”. Like preaching to the already converted. Basically it has the flaws of any organized religion. And the “action” in the third act is mostly not impactful, because it is about superheroes in capes flying around and punching each other to kingdom come. We’ve seen it before in other superhero films.

  24. Jay Kelley says:

    Obviously, I disagree with this reviewer. While my first reaction was anger, it soon turned to pity since he’s clearly the “odd man out” in this case. His review will have microscopic impact and his only real attention will be based on the fact that he is one of two or three who “dared” to dislike a movie the rest of the population loved. As for fan service.. Being a film maker I can tell you the goal is BOTH. Serve the fans and make a great movie. In this case the “fans” have carried the MCU for 10 years and this was Marvel simply trying to say “Thank you”. They did a WONDERFUL job. It was an honor to see this movie and experience this event with my two young boys as we laughed, cheered, and cried together. A movie can serve no better purpose. I feel sorry that the reviewer lacked the compassion and insight to see what this movie will bring for millions of people like my boys and I. When I finish this post, I will forget this review, and never look back.

    • Samantha says:

      Yikes!! I don’t think it is a crime to dislike a movie. I also am appreciative that the reviewer represented the small majority of us who really didn’t enjoy the movie. The movie was awesome for everyone invested in Marvel, but for some of us who weren’t as invested, it wasn’t very relatable.

  25. Jack says:

    A second rate, convoluted “Back to Future” rip off. I actually couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was lazy with plot holes you drive a truck through. Pure corporate fan service garbage.

    • What? says:

      Oh my god such a ripoff. I can’t believe they used time travel, a concept that has been around for 300 years! Back to the Future was also a ripoff based on that idea. Time Machines have never been done in fiction until the 80’s and Endgame totally rips off the idea that you can erase the future (oh wait). They totally didn’t explain the fact that time travel creates alternate realities rather than erasing the future.

  26. Chaich says:

    Bax – So thumbs down on Endgame and Capt. Marvel, but thumbs up on Aquaman? Hmmm…. ok.

  27. Kane says:

    I am in gray zone with this one. As a fan I really want to like it. As a movie and story freak – I am disappointed. I went out from screening not at all satisfied. Will back on commenting both movie and articulate but for now just wanna emphasize the difference in tone of commentators. Majority of people that liked the movie didn’t really said “I like it”. Instead they just insulted the creator of article. The ones that didn’t like it clearly explained what didn’t work for them in the movie. In a way, that indicate who is bias here. I am not defending creator of the article but people who are sticking for there ideology should express argument for believing in same in more appropriate manner. Otherwise it backfires. Otherwise it shows to what kind of audience ( socially and intellectually ) this movie is made for. If the house of the Mouse promotes values invested in this movie, everyone that consider them self’s as hardcore fan should be follow there example, leave profanity out of the dialog and be civilized. The creator of article treat everyone with that, at least you should give back favor appropriately.
    Regarding the movie: I keep seeing the “fan service” quote everywhere. Forgive me, English isn’t my native language, so I might be lost in translation, but shouldn’t that be attached for every movie? Aren’t movies supposed to be for audience? And as a fan… well I considered my self as decent fan. I don’t want to scale that statement, like turning back to every scene in “End game” I immediately recognize from previous movies, nor the fact that actually no one but me mentioned nor reacted during screening when Joe Ruso appeared ( that’s the part I really liked! ) in the movie. Let’s say I am invested. And I left theater empty. It wasn’t satisfaction I felt like many said it will feel like. I just felt … well end! I appreciate walk through the memory lane but not if that’s the core of entire movie. If someone is invested then he/she doesn’t need that. He/she knows that and needs some epic, round closure as it was advertised. And I am saying this truly as a fan. Not as movie critic.
    If I would distance myself from fan status, from person mesmerized by all those heroes, as someone who cares for them and look at movie from technical, intelligent way: I feel down. I don’t want to be rude but I feel mocked. There are too many plot holes. And as invested person: they are bugging me. It bugs me that it’s all so simple, it bugs me that Thanos is stronger now then comparing with him with gauntlet, how both him and Cap where able to hold everyone’s favorite hammer, and so on so on. Iron man should have EVERYONE around him not just 3-5 persons when curtain drop. What happened with Gamora? How Cap actually managed to return Soul stone and to Red Scull above all?? I liked happy ending from different angle and perspective for each (mostly) original crew but it felt short and void. Etc, etc…
    The movie is ok, even for person that didn’t watch previous installment, the end is expected knowing “contract facts” and 3h doesn’t feel as such ( not that I care, when story is good – time flys by, the substance matter ) but it isn’t epic closure, it’s very simple ( one story twist that counts, not the inconsistency twists ), lack in meaningful and prosperous dialogue. It kinda constantly feels something is off or missing to hit the mark. It’s like it constantly can’t decide whether is the sequel to Infinity War or installment by own merits thus the “missing part”, it’s like “put it very simple so they can’t go from point A to point B so they can have closure”. It kinda is 100% of the “part of the journey is an end” only a bit modified to “journey isn’t matter, the end matters.
    Again, not bad movie but not as brilliant as the fans and this over a decade, loved, amazing, enjoyable, epic installment deserves. But again: that’s just me. I fully take responsibility for expecting more and hyping myself for this one. That definitely is part that contributes to unsatisfied factor in my case, however I kinda find that I was mislead because I have to compare it to previous movies from MCU and considering the secrecy and the fact this is the last movie for this phase and so many heroes – it doesn’t live to the hype.
    It’s ok but not mind blowing as it should be and as everyone deserves.

  28. Ashish Godayal says:

    @kane – i feel u r disappointed bcoz u did’t get what u were expecting (and u were not expecting more for sure). U r no one to claim that it is not a movie that fan deserves. U r certainly not a MCU fan bcoz a true fan like me understands End game epicness and fan service gratitude despite most of our theories failed. Though i liked ur Fan Service line as it is true that movies are made for fans…not for critics.Also u want people to say that they liked it and give reasons for that before trolling the writer of this article. Isn’t it obvious that who has taken his time out to dislike the article must have liked it and would have not agreed to the reasons given. Same is with u….u have given some absurd reasons (sorry its my view) for ur dislike.
    U felt thanos is stronger in this without the stones though u never saw him without them before…the only scene where he faught hand to hand combat was with hulk where he beat the hell out of him (and he didnt used the stone). So its obvious thanos is stronger than any avenger available without the damn stones. He wanted stones not to beat the avengers but to wipe out half the universe.
    What happened to Gamora isn’t important at all ….she will feature heavily in GOG3 to cover that story .
    Placing the stone back back to Vormir should have been a interesting scene specially red skull involved but sitting after 3 hours just to watch pointless scene would have been tiring so no regret on that (though its a plot hole for u for some reason). Leaving some things for imagination is not plot hole i guess.

    I knw u r disappointed with what u couldn’t get…..but unfortunately u have to content with it as it is over now and u have to sulk forever. On other side we unintelligent fan boys will celebrate Epic closure to the Infinity saga and will remember it forever and will make it one of the biggest movie of all time

  29. Kane says:

    Agreed with many aspects of your reply but not with justification of profanity. You can bring arguments with out cursing. The trolls didn’t. I made my deduction by actually seeing the movie. We all know what happened with Captain Marvel and rotten tomato score. Trolls dismissed the movie before seeing it because Bri’s controversial statement on movie promotions. They didn’t saw movie but yet boycott it. I feel that same happened here in comment section. They didn’t show, by any argument that they did saw the movie, they simply “protected legacy” by attacking someone who had different opinion then them, and by somebody who saw the movie on top of that. Also some of the profanity comments are from the early date then USA screening, so…

    Don’t get me wrong but I consider my self a fan.
    Follower is one thing, fan is other.
    Please, don’t undermine my fan status just because I was a bit disappointed of End game or less satisfied with it then some other movies from this franchise. You don’t have to like every song from some artist album, some you will like more some less but I don’t have to be appreciated if all I get homage of something I already had on previous albums.
    The reason I am so invested and in love is not only by my personal preference but because I was “served” with humor, wit, excellent attention to details, seriousness in connecting the dots and storytelling, most of the time, from this movies so naturally I expected same level if not better because it’s the end and hype around it. My bad.

    I was mesmerizing with many aspect of End Game, many of which would prove my investment and set me apart from people who call them selfs a fans and didn’t recognize some of the scenes from before yet alone catch Joe Russo cameo. And because that investment I feel down. Gamora isn’t important for this? She wants just cameo. If anything she was a crucial in Infinity war. Her death shifted entire tone and add another layer of Thanos character in Infinity, not to mention she was a cause of first and most crucial fail of taking gauntlet from Thanos. If she wasn’t important, then we didn’t even need scene with her and Peter, or her at all as a matter of fact. There, we could have Red Skull encounter with Cap instead of hers and Peters scene… But hey, maybe he is not important for story ether… only why bring him in a first place in Infinity war… or have movie with him as main villain… But again, tacos scene was much, much more important then above mentioned…
    I guess Bucky is not matter as well, even he was a center of plot and chain events in 2 movies, even the reason for complicity in layers of Cap personality and connection of past and present Cap. But I guess he wasn’t important for brief farewell when Cap went to bring stones back…
    Regarding Tanos… entire hand to hand combat on his planet in Infinity… he used stones there multiple times and they almost manage to immobilize him. Thor casted the Stormbraker at him and yet here not Stormbreaker nor Mjolnir worked…
    It’s just not coherent nor plausible…

    Again, for me movie is ok, it did brought closure, it was great reminder of previous installment but not mind blowing or glorious. Again to me at least.
    Also I don’t really understand picking my comment of all that wasn’t satisfied with movie. I did briefly elaborate what didn’t work for me but so did many. Stomping on my comment cause dislike and pointing of profanity from ppl who didn’t had anything civilized or argumentative to say is kinda hypocritical and contradicts the common sense especially since I took time to try to shape my thoughts, even thought I clearly said I am not native English speaking person ( which makes writing coherently even more harder for me ) which makes my investment even bigger and in a way, your lecture and picking on my comment a bit racist. I guess I am more important then Lady Sif.
    But thank you for your time and words. You proved my point as well agreed that people will love this film even thou it’s not as strong as it should be by all principles, preparations and expectations. I am glad you like it, I am glad I am not totally disappointed and I am looking forward for new installments in this franchise with hope to most of reprising characters to have value and importance 😉

  30. Anun says:

    I also enjoyed Infinity War and was also left pretty underwhelmed by this one. I wish they had come up with a plot where they didn’t just recycle things from the other movies… did we really need another Soul Stone scene? The lip synch dance from GOTG was great the first time… watching two people make fun of Star Lord for it was not. Elements of this movie seriously felt like a clip show… and then there was the bringing back of characters for extremely minor cameos just to say ‘oh hey, remember this guy?’. It’s like a franchise that exists only to advertise future installments decided to use its ‘final’ episode to instead advertise past installments instead.

    And okay, I know nitpicks aren’t really valid because this movie doesn’t need to make sense anyways, but how did Captain America show up at the end? The rules of time travel here say whenever you go back and change things, you create a new reality… so since Captain America did that by not using the suit to return to the original timeline, how is it that he is in the original timeline at the end? So this means they COULD have just killed Thanos when he was a baby?

    I’m obviously not a die hard fan and these movies aren’t for me either… there is just something disappointingly hollow about the whole franchise. The villain problem was overcome in Infinity War but here Thanos is literally exactly the same, with the exact same goal. The time travel plot really hamstrung the whole movie from the very beginning.


    This comment thread reminds me what a toxic environment fan culture is, so thank you for keeping me away from this immature tribalism, going back to my life now.

    David, good review, maintaining your integrity is one of the reasons why I’m proud to be a part of BP

  32. Samantha says:

    As someone who tagged along just to see a movie, I 100% agree with this review. To me, this movie was just a fan pleaser. As someone who is not already hopelessly invested in everything Marvel, I really did not enjoy this movie. I also felt like it didn’t have a lot of depth. The movie was designed to just give Marvel fans whatever they wanted.

  33. Spencer says:

    Great review, the amount of blind rage in the comments section is ridiculous. I’m more or less neutral on superhero movies – fatigued from the constant output, but I’ll still end up seeing them one way or another with family and friends. Just what happens

    Into The Spiderverse completely blew me away – that’s the kind of experience I want in a superhero movie – truly fresh and creative ideas. And it has nothing to do with Spider-Man as a brand, it’s just the backdrop for a dramatic story that could stand on its own. So that’s how I think about superhero movies – would I enjoy this with all the scifi stuff removed? Not gonna automatically be hyped up about a movie just because there’s a new shiny hero – or a shiny new arrangement of heroes teamed up.

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