Awkwardly Predictable, by David Bax

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  1. Leslie Garnier says:

    Weeeeelllll…’s not that the couple is simply “so oblivious.” They’re very. very stoned–they’re not used to getting stoned–they want badly to make new friends as adults and aren’t sure how or whether that’ll happen (being adults in their 30s), they have not lived in as notoriously (or allegedly) open-minded and progressive a place as California. They have no idea what is “normal” out there–whether they’re reading into stuff or whether this is just the super cas and friendly Cali way. They’ve been together since college and have never slept with anyone else. Their lives to this point have clearly been pretty straight-laced. This is all tremendously new to them. Is this weird, they wonder? “or are we just so not California and reading into a scene that’s way more sophisticated than we are?” By the way, in 2015 Silver Lake wasn’t that expensive–and doesn’t mean that a couple who could afford a small bungallo was “well-off.” Also, what you say is off-base about “their main source of embarrassment is that Kurt and Charlotte appear to have even more money than they do.” They’re just generally feeling a bit disoriented being in hip California–and they are not embarrassed about Kurt and Charlotte having more money than they–the only embarrassment expressed was the husband grabbed a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck wine–which probably in Indianapolis or wherever they came from wouldn’t be a faux pas to bring to a casual dinner party of people they know, but to a first dinner, where they are looking to make friends and make a good impression and show they’re not total hicks, the wife feels bringing the equivalent of box wine to dinner could well be perceived as the height of clueless. Doesn’t matter to me whether you liked it or not….but seems like maybe you misinterpreted a few things.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I’ve lived in Los Angeles since 2005 and Silver Lake has been trendy and expensive for at least that entire time.

      – David

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