Bond, James Bond: The 70s, by Kyle Anderson

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2 Responses

  1. Connery was my first Bond and stays close in my fondness. I had absolutely adored Moore in The Saint–along with McNee in the Avengers, McGoohan in Secret Agent, and a few others. So when Moore came in for Bond I was initially thrilled. But after not too long those films just left me blech. I did not like the constant double entendre quips, not because I disliked them generally but they never rang true from him.

    And that’s where I stand through the 70’s.

  2. Matt says:

    Actually, the pigeon does a “triple-take”. Totally ridiculous in my opinion. Had it not been for the score continually playing, I thought the actual film itself inside the VCR player had been destroyed in some way Although it was a very comedic touch, and needed to be done at some point in film history, it should not have been done in a Bond movie.

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