Bond, James Bond: The 80s, by Kyle Anderson

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  1. Robert H. says:

    RE: Zorin’s accent. There’s the slightest bit of exposition, delivered by someone (possibly M) watching Zorin through binoculars, revealing that Zorin knows so many languages he’s lost all trace of his accent, or something like that. If not for that one brief moment of semi-rational explanation, the movie’s ridiculousness could have been complete. They were so close.

  2. Blake says:

    This may be the greatest article about Bond I’ve ever read. I came here because I’m currently watching ‘The Living Daylights’ after years of remembering it as a very solid Bond film from the 1980s.

    I still enjoy it, but now it smacks of 1980s excesses. And you’ve nailed Timothy Dalton’s presence. He’s a handsome man and a good actor, but they wrote it for Roger Moore and Dalton seems sort of awkward in the role.

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