Bond, James Bond: The 90s, by Kyle Anderson

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4 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    I rarely leave a Bond movie unhappy. If one is on tv, I’ll stop channel surfing and watch it. EXCEPT for Die Another Day. It’s just… awful.

    Great article!

  2. Kob says:

    Haven’t watched Tommorrow/TWINE in years so I can’t comment in detail on those films but I am disappointed that after the fantastic Goldeneye (great villain and an interesting score), they decided to go down the route of gadgets (as much as they did). It becomes a shallow cartoon.

    Die Another Day (or DAD, as in the daddy of all the bad Bond movies) is so disappointing. After a relatively ok-to-good first hour it suffocates out in its own excess. CG surfing, a weak car chase (with a great stunt) and that ridiculous fight at the end. I saw it on my birthday, first thing I said after coming out of the cinema was “that sucked” 🙂

  3. Kamron says:

    Goldeneye rules! The soundtrack and even the video game for N64 were just awesome – definitely in my top 5 favourites. The plot and direction were remarkable and a different venture from any Bond films we have ever seen. I totally loved it. I can’t disagree one bit with your pronouncement of Die another Day, that one was God-awful. It usually takes a film or two for me to get used to the Bonds except for Sean Connery, but Brosnan just fit in perfectly. Up until now I haven’t gotten used to Craig and I doubt I ever will. If he pulls off a Goldeneye or Live and Let Die Bond performance then I’m game for him as Bond but I doubt that will happen.

    Listening to the soundtracks now, am I the only who thinks that the Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack is the most boring of all the Bonds? Die another Day was just the undisputed worst song ever written and Ms. Madge should be barred from even mentioning the word “bond” in any context whatever?

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