BP Movie Journal 1/25/18

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  1. bob says:

    I seem to recall Christopher Nolan discussing one of the main themes of Dunkirk being how individual exceptionalism/contribution is overrated, and how people must work together (as a society/army/etc) to succeed.

    It could be construed as Anti-American (though i think that would be incorrect), but it’s definitely the antipathy of the Oscars. Not that it has much of a chance anyway, but i did think it’s one of the best achievements in cinema this year (it’s certainly my favorite of the frontrunners, both as an experience and as an achievement in filmmaking)

  2. Ryan says:

    I loved Good Time. I have no problem enjoying a movie even when the main character does horrible things. Besides, even though his actions were bad, his motive of trying to save his brother from being beaten in jail at least was something we could cling to as a noble goal.

    • Juhani Kenttä says:

      I also loved Good Time while I’ve never been able to appreciate Raging Bull. To me a lot of the film is about the pathetic lengths we go to when in desperate situations. Not that I think the main character was like an Atticus Finch before the film’s timeline or anything. Also, I often respond to these kinds of fatalistic gauntlets where you pretty much know from the get-go that it’s really not gonna turn out great. The first Pusher film is pretty similar.

  3. a_freudian_fan says:

    Sam Neill has always been great. See Possession (1981) for proof.

  4. Alexander Miller says:

    The derivations of the title Good Time come from the prison system, if you get out for good behavior, or something along those lines you got out on “Good Time”.

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