BP Movie Journal 10/11/18

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3 Responses

  1. Andrew C says:

    Trying to save George W. Bush’s legacy vis a vis Mr. Rogers… that’s a sad hill to die on.

  2. Ryan says:

    I didn’t think the “right wing patriotism” plot from “The Oath” seemed like a throwback to the Bush era at all. The oath from “The Oath” not only seemed like something this administration would try, but Barenholtz seemed to be deliberately evoking the whole kneeling controversy. Trump’s GOP loves to question liberal America’s patriotism just as much as every past republican administration has. And the brother’s girlfriend was definitely a Tomi Laren clone. Everything seemed like a comment on now, even including the very correct observation that liberals in their hatred of the stark raving Trump asshole, have become stark raving assholes themselves. I’ve seen Barenholtz’s Twitter feed. It’s like mine. Glad he was self aware enough to make his character both correct and wildly unsympathetic.
    The ending was a huge disappointment and completely implausible, though. Knocked the whole thing down at least a letter grade, for me.

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