BP Movie Journal 10/12/17

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  1. Bruno K. says:

    I watched The Dead Zone recently too, but liked it more than David. The role fits Walken well because it takes advantage of two of his great qualities as an actor…although we tend to think of him as a weirdo, he can project great kindness and empathy. Also, he’s great with barely-contained inner torment. Brooke Adams…liked her so much, such a warm presence. The term “radiant smile” was invented for people like her. I thought Martin Sheen was *barely* this side of being way too over the top. Great fun to watch, but he played that guy like a Dick Tracy villain. And, loved the score, which reminded me of Don’t Look Now’s score…that sort of autumnal, melodramatic orchestral style of the 70s/80s which just works for me with horror or darker movies. Finally, this really made me miss *that* Cronenberg, the one who did movies like this, Scanners, The Fly, etc. He’s made good movies since Eastern Promises but that was the last one that felt like earlier Cronenberg.

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