BP Movie Journal 11/1/18

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  1. bob says:

    Tom Hanks (1956) recent wives: Catherine Keener (1958), Laura Linney (1965), Amy Ryan (1968), Sarah Paulson (1974) (but age appropriate for her character). Going back to Green Mile – Bonnie Hunt (1961). He’s not bad, i wonder if it’s

    It’s probably not so much of a “Hollywood doesn’t know what a normal age gap is” as much as it’s “Who’s available who looks the best and isn’t a complete teenie-bopper?”

    Also: male actors’ Face Age is flexible. Carla Gugino (1971) and Connie Britton (1967) both dated Michael J Fox (1961) on “Spin City” – and no one noticed. Ladies have that flexibility too – some women age into “mom-face” earlier than others. I don’t know if Catherine Keener ever “looked young”.

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