BP Movie Journal 12/21/17

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  1. Yonah Paley says:

    Great packed movie journal. Loved hearing all the hot takes.

    That being said, y’all are wrong about Battle of the Sexes. It’s a fun little movie that deftly balances a dramatic love story, as well as the comedic relationship between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. I really liked the performances, especially that of the two leads, as well as Austin Stowell’s turn as Larry King. Billie Jean (in this movie) is the epitome of a bold woman, striving to fight against a system that marginalizes her and others around her. I put it alongside another 2017 release, The Shape of Water (albeit a far more visually interesting, disturbing, and fantastical film) as the kind of “fuck toxic masculinity” type of attitude that Trump’s America necessitates. While neither movie takes place in the modern day, both are refreshingly unabashed in their politics, and poignant even today.

    I’m also very interested to hear a more in depth discussion about the ending of The Florida Project. I’m firmly in the camp that it is brilliant (and destroyed me to tears). I cannot wait until Tyler has seen it as well, so David can be taken to task (or perhaps not) for not liking the ending.

    Looking forward to all the year-end wrap up stuff!

    • Ryan says:

      Given what we know about Tyler’s likes and dislikes, the ending will most likely have a much more profound effect on him than it did David.

  2. Ryan says:

    I didn’t see any mockery of the Tanya Harding character at all. If anything, it was slavishly devoted to her, clearly picking her side of the conflicting stories of Jeff Gillooly. And all that would have been fine, if not for the utterly absurd 11th hour direct-to-camera condemnation from Tanya to we the viewers, for daring to find her story comical when we first heard it in the 90’s. Not since the movie Dope has a character’s self-righteous indignation at the viewer felt so out-of-place, so unearned. I of course feel pity for Harding and the difficult life she’s had. I do not feel remorse for not magically intuiting the details of that life in the mid 90’s. Also, she almost certainly helped plan the attack, so the pity only goes so far.

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