BP Movie Journal 12/10/15

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  1. Roy says:

    I’m absolutely fine with fantasy awards talk. Count me pro. But to a reasonable degree, of course. I don’t need fifteen minutes of fantasy awards talk. But a regular update, a little anecdote, if picks happen to come up – go for it.

    The Bechdel test thing. I don’t think them talking about a man in any context passes, or two women in a scene talking to a man passes. The Bechdel test, for me at least, is supposed to be absolute. And because it’s absolute in such a simple thing – it shows how ridiculous it is that so many movies don’t pass. It’s not a test for a film, it’s a test for film. It’s a pass/fail thing, not a A+/B-/C/D thing. If it’s supposed to function as the latter, it’s a pretty shitty test for that. I think its use is most interesting in the wider context as a commentary on film, the culture. That’s my view, at least.

    • FictionIsntReal says:

      The Bechdel test has three components, so there’s degrees by which a movie can fail. I actually submitted a 3 out of 3 pass for “Day Night Day Night” to bechdeltest.com, even though technically it fails the first test (there are no named characters). I agree that it’s more interesting in aggregate than as an individual test for a movie though, as a film can pass via very short & insignificant scene while the rest of the film could be practically calculated to earn Bechdel’s ire.

  2. Chris Mosher says:

    Hey I just want to say that i really doesn’t matter to me how your fantasy league is going but what i do enjoy is any thing that gets your banter going … especially if its slightly antagonistic banter.
    Krampus was a pleasant surprise. The characters felt like they belonged in not just Gremlins but movies like Christmas Vacation as well.

    About the Bechdel test i think the scene you mentioned goes against the philosophy of the test. Maybe i am wrong but from your description the male character seems like an intermediary between the female characters. it just doesn’t seem like what test was intending.

  3. Sean Lass says:

    I love the fantasy awards talk. Strong vote in favor.

  4. Boothe says:

    I’m fine with the Fantasy awards talk.

  5. Lauren says:

    I enjoy the fantasy awards talk, and would love if you explained it a little more and post the rules.

  6. ED says:

    I would much rather have 50 Episodes of Fantasy Awards talk than a single minute of Comic Con talk.

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