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  1. Roy says:

    Roy’s Movie Roundup Week 2:

    The Guest
    Great movie. After loving You’re Next I’ve been impatiently waiting for an opportunity to see this movie. And from the first five seconds with the John Carpenter-esque score and the way the title card came up I was sold.

    The Skeleton Twins
    Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig are both great in general and pretty great here. Hader is given the more rich role and he handles it well. But the movie ends up a little too standard indie to be as interesting as the actors.

    20,000 Days on Earth
    I like Nick Cave, I didn’t like this movie.

    Nymphomaniac Vol. I (Director’s Cut)
    An interesting movie. In certain ways it seems like Lars von Trier most directly dealing with his themes of depression and addiction and sex and sexism, but it’s just so long and meandering. I’ll check out Vol. II, but I haven’t been able to psych myself up about it.

    1995 Slovakian film. A loose retelling of Adam and Eve as an aburdist Eastern-European indie-comedy with a lot of slapstick and very blunt philosophical references. It was very light and enjoyable, but I’m not sure it really reached the point of transcendence that it appeared to be aiming for.

    Low budget, high concept sci fi movie. People stuck in a house, comet passes and weird stuff happens. Nicholas Brendan is there. Sort of felt like a lower budget, lower profile The One I Love in certain ways. But didn’t really have the same sort of emotional resonance in the story.

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