BP Movie Journal 12/5/14

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  1. Hudsucker says:

    Hey Tyler, Saving Christmas is now the lowest rated title on IMDb. Hopefully this provides you with some vindication.

  2. People's Ministry of Philosophy (Baxist-Leninist) says:

    So is this Christian movie like Troll 2 or The Room good

  3. Roy says:

    So I’ve decided I’m gonna use the comments for these BP Movie Journals to keep my own movie journal. I might never do this again, depending on how self conscious I feel about it after hitting “Submit Comment”. Since you last posted a BP movie journal I’ve seen:

    “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1”
    I found it a little flat. David said he was satisfied by it, but it didn’t deliver for me. I think I really just don’t care about any of the characters in The Hunger Games enough without the fun structure of an actual Hunger Game.

    “Night Moves” (2013)
    After Tyler’s recommendation last time I finally got around to this. It’s really good. That last hour is just so soulsuckingly good.

    “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”
    Blegh. I didn’t much care for Sin City in 2005 and this was about a tenth as good. I thought it would be a fun watch, but it really wasn’t even that.

    “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” (1974)
    This really got to me. Tyler and David discussing it in the wake of the death of Marilyn Burns finally got me around to watching this. I watched this before going to bed, but it really kept me up for a while longer than expected. So very intense.

    “Clear History”
    The Larry David HBO movie. Fun movie. Made me laugh a few times. It seems like a waste to cast Jon Hamm in a comedy and not actually let him funny.

    “The Master”
    Put of watching this because of all the hype at the time. I felt too intimidated. When are you ever “ready” for a modern masterpiece? I ended up finding it quite beautiful, but not truly affecting. It was a little dry, though everything about it was very good.

    “The Babadook”
    When a horror movie gets really good reviews it always peaks my interest. The Babadook didn’t really live up to the reviews for me. Jennifer Kent seems very promising as a director, and I liked the way the emotional through-line of the film really lands at the end, but it felt like a horror movie that didn’t really want to be a horror movie.

    Jake Gyllenhaal is so terrifying and great in this movie. I really enjoyed it a lot. As a media satire it’s a little… trite. But I feel like there’s much more intellectual stimulation as a commentary on the modern economic landscape for young people. It’s clearly a theme in the movie, but not a lot of critics seem to be singling it out. Maybe Amy Nicholson mentioned it on the Voice Film Club podcast putting it in my head when watching the film, but that worked for me.

    So yeah, that’s my movie journal for that week. If anybody really thinks I’m really self indulgent for doing this – I get it. I’m sorry. If other people also start doing this – maybe it won’t feel so weird. In my defense, as you can see Tyler and David do actually influence the movies I watch a great deal. (I wouldn’t have watched the Hunger Games movies at all had David not hyped them).

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