BP Movie Journal 1/29/15

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  1. Juhani Kenttä says:

    Birdman: Couldn’t get into it all, everything kept feeling artificial. I did enjoy Norton’s performance though.

    Nightcrawler: Pretty good.

    Whiplash: Wonderful!

    Foxcatcher: Probably my favorite from Miller so far. Also, my mancrush for Ruffalo deepens.

    Adaptation: A rewatch. Not as infuriating as I remembered though the Chris Cooper part of it still doesn’t quite captivate me. Funny as hell and brilliant in parts though.

    Monsterimies: A documentary about the Eurovision-winning hard rock band Lordi. Kind of pedestrian film making but pretty watchable.

  2. Scott Nye says:

    Bird People, Bird People…
    Walk like birds, talk like people…

  3. Boothe says:

    Leviathan – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much on-screen drinking before. A bit of a challenging watch, but worth it.

    2001: A Space Odyssey – Got to see this on the big screen at TIFF, roadshow style (pre-curtains score, intermission). When David crashes through and into the emergency airlock, someone sitting behind me loudly said “That’s gotta hurt.” He probably thought that was funny.

    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night – Funny, creepy, sexy, and great visuals.

    Inherent Vice – Wanted to like this more than I did. Had the same feeling after watching American Hustle, which was liking most of it, but didn’t care much about the plot. Maybe I’ll like it more after repeat viewings.

  4. Tanya says:

    Until I started wearing a turban (part time) which was 2 years ago, people would ask to touch my hair.
    I don’t know if it might be happening more too, because of the Natural Hair movement in black communities.

  5. Roy says:

    Dear White People
    I agree with David to some extent. The movie wasn’t cutting enough to be truly satirical, like he said. But I also felt like it could’ve gone the other way and had better narrative flow. Instead it didn’t really have either. I still appreciated seeing a movie about young people with something vital on its mind, though.

    John Wick
    Again, I’m pretty much with David. It kind of felt like John Wick had been a franchise in the early nineties and this was the “Rambo” style latterday sequel/reboot. It had such a full world and was fun.

    Thought it was good. I feel like everything’s been said about this one.

    Thought it was really good. It seemed like the taking-your-medicine kind of movie, but really overcame that strongly.

    Stories We Tell
    Sarah Polley’s documentary from a few years ago. I’d heard a lot of really good reviews of this movie and I kind of thought it was leaving me cold through a lot of it, but then I ended up sobbing.

    A Pigeon Sat On A Branch Reflecting On Existence
    I haven’t seen Roy Andersson’s earlier films, but this movie really turned me off slowly. It’s funny at times and sometimes quite beautiful, but its slightly hateful view of humanity started turning me off after a while. I ended up finding it smug.

    I really dug this movie. It deals with some really heavy emotional stuff without ever turning as saccharrin. I also really liked Dallas Buyers Club, but for some reason I never really gave Jean Marc Vallee credit for why I liked it. I guess I have to go dig through his archives now, because he’s clearly doing something I’m connecting to. And I’m not even really sure what it is yet.

    A Most Violent Year
    Ended up seeing this twice due to weird circumstances in the past few weeks. I enjoyed it a lot the first time, but the second viewing really deepened my appreciation for the movie. It isn’t perfect, but I love the way this movie restrains itself throughout making the outbursts really count.

    A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
    A really fun movie to watch. Ana Lily Amirpour somehow made a vampire, film noir, slacker movie drenched in hipsterism worth watching. Reminded me of early Down by Law Jarmusch in all the best ways (it weirdly did not remind me of Jarmusch’ vampire movie, which I did not enjoy).

    Really interesting to watch. It’s really interesting to just watch his face as all this unfolds. It will undoubtedly be remembered forever as a historical document at least. I mean, depending on how history unfolds this could really be like watching Martin Luther sit around while building up to nailing the theses to the church door.

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