BP Movie Journal 2/15/18

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5 Responses

  1. Caleb says:

    I’ve never seen an episode of The Amazing Race, but I find your guys’ discussion of it amusing.

  2. Ace McJackson says:

    random thought apropos of nothing: how about a Peter Weir profile episode? underrated filmmaker with quite a few very good films (Picnic at Hanging Rock, The Last Wave, Gallipoli, Witness, Mosquito Coast, Truman Show, Master and Commander, arguably a few more)

  3. Jeff Schroeck says:

    Fearless is a great Peter Weir movie that I think gets lost in the shuffle; it didn’t have an actor as high profile in its moment like Dead Poets Society or Truman Show, but it’s not one of his more personal, weirder early films. It’s also a great movie for the “refer to the main character as the title” gag.

    I have a few more of his to go but so far I haven’t seen him make a bad movie, and Picnic At Hanging Rock recently bumped Punch-Drunk Love from my personal top spot.

  4. Sarah Brinks says:

    You’ve turned me into an Amazing Race fan. I used to listen to your conversations and wish I watched, so this season I finally joined in the fun! I like it so much that I went back and watched some past seasons!

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