BP Movie Journal 2/17/23

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3 Responses

  1. Matthew Louwrens says:

    As always, a delight to hear from Tyler and exciting to hear how much advancement he’s having in this new place.
    I was genuinely disappointed to realise a few weeks ago that Tyler’s ability to appear on the podcast in the next while might be restricted since we’re coming into Best Of season. So it was great that this allowed a chance to hear from you.
    Praying for and wishing you further advancement and recovery. And in the meantime, we’re always excited to hear from you and your insightful thoughts.

  2. Aaron Hillsamer says:

    I continue to really love these episodes. David is right, we don’t care that you don’t sound how we expect you to sound, it’s still great to hear your thoughts and especially your jokes, I laughed multiple times during this one.

  3. FictionIsntReal says:

    I may prefer to hear Tyler as he was before, but I don’t hate his new voice. Of course, I only get to hear his new voice infrequently. He presumably has much more time to get tired of it, and the requirement that he speak while inhaling would make that difference more salient to him than to us just listening.

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