BP Movie Journal 2/5/15

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  1. Juhani Kenttä says:

    I don’t think I’ve watched any movies since the last BP journal though hearing the Zodiac talk made me wanna watch that again. And it hasn’t been long since the last time. It’s currently one of my top three favorite movies, along with Taxi Driver and All the President’s Men.

  2. Matthew says:

    Several things:

    (1) Definitely would like it if you discuss rewatches in the Movie Journals. Just because it’s a film you’ve seen doesn’t mean it’s a film that everyone has already seen, and maybe the conversation might inspire someone who hasn’t seen a particular film to watch it. And even where a film has been widely seen, the conversation is still interesting – maybe even more so, since the audience probably knows exactly what you’re talking about. (I certainly really loved hearing your reflections on Zodiac.)

    (2) There really was a girl who froze to death in Minnesota, and it was widely reported at the time that she was looking for the Fargo money, but that was apparently a misunderstanding that arose because of language barriers; she was deliberately committing suicide after a relationship ended – see http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2003/jun/06/artsfeatures1

    (3) There was a point where it seemed like Tyler was going to say he didn’t care for Kumiko The Treasure Hunter; I was so disappointed in that instant, and was relieved when he said how much he liked it. I saw it last year at a local film festival, and it was one of my highlights of the festival. Not much I can add to what Tyler had to say, but I’m really glad to see it get a release, because I want to own a copy of this film, and every bit of attention brings a BD/DVD release closer.

  3. Gregory says:

    Yes please to discussing re-watches. I would enjoy hearing how your thoughts change after subsequent viewings -the Zodiac discussion was an entertaining one.

  4. Joe says:

    I would also love you guys to talk about films you’ve rewatched. Especially discussing how your feelings have changed since you first saw it. Also, I am LOVING the Movie Journal. Keep it up, guys.

  5. Xibalba says:

    Watched an old documentary favourite of mine, Mission To Lars, which is a fab story of an autistic mans dream of meeting Lars Ulrich from Metallica. Second viewing of Whiplash, my fave film of 2014 plus The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, twas wonderfully funny.

    Tomorrow i have two docs to watch, Keep On Keepin On plus The Sheik, looking forward to the latter the most.

  6. Boothe says:

    Yes to discussing re-watches.

    Some recent watches:

    Manhunter – Enjoyed performances from Tom Noonan, and Bryan Cox. It was a little too 80s corny (writing, acting, score) for me to enjoy otherwise.

    The Search for General Tso – Fun documentary. The crowd I saw it with certainly enjoy it. (a lot of laughter in the theatre) The food parts were interesting of course, but I also appreciated the 101 on Chinese immigration to the United States of America.

    Do the Right Thing – First time watching this movie, and it was well worth the wait. Would Altman-esque be a fair way to describe it? I loved this movie, and would have had no problem staying in this world for another few hours. Loved Ruby Dee (beautiful) and Ossie Davis in this film.

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