BP Movie Journal 3/1/18

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  1. Wood's Hole Oceanographic says:

    I’m always fascinated when conversation turns to Cary Grant. Are either of you familiar with David Thomson’s Biographical Dictionary? I’m sure you are but it never gets mentioned. He’s given to provocative statements and the opening paragraph of his entry on Grant makes the assertion that ‘he was the best and most important actor in the history of the cinema.’ The whole entry is worth revisiting (as is all of Thomson), and I was shocked myself the other day, re-watching Notorious, when he socks Bergman on the jaw. Is it sexist to smack, slap, punch and push women about? Is ‘sexist’ the word for what it is?

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      A copy of the Biographical Dictionary is sitting on the shelf behind me as I type this, in the same place it has remained, unread, for years. I’ll get to it one day.

      – David

  2. Wood’s Hole Oceanographic says:

    OK, start at the letter G. In your own time.

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