BP Movie Journal 5/14/15

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  1. Steven says:

    I saw too many movies to write something about each of them. Hopefully when the movie journals get back on a regular schedule, I’ll be able to add some thoughts on each movie.

    Cropsy: 3/10
    Capturing the Friedman’s: 6/10
    Lost River: 5/10
    Alps: 8/10
    Midnight in Paris(rewatch): 8/10
    The Boxtrolls: 5/10
    Funny Games(1997): 5/10
    Ex Machina: 8/10
    Take This Waltz: 7/10
    Inherent Vice(rewatch): 9/10
    Avangers AOU : 7/10
    The Overnighters: 7/10
    Pandora’s Box(rewatch): 10/10
    Breathless(rewatch): 8/10
    L’Enfer: 5/10
    Diary of a Lost Girl: 7/10
    Caddyshack: 7/10
    Frailty(rewatch): 6/10
    A Most Violent Year: 7/10
    Young Adult(rewatch): 8/10
    Drive(rewatch): 8/10
    Listen Up Philip: 4/10

  2. Rob says:

    I think the ending to City Lights elicited an audible “holy shit” from me. It was definitely the Chaplin movie that made me excited about him (even though The Kid is probably my favorite). I love discovering something like this that seems fresh and exciting and wonderful and new–even though it’s anything but new. It’s been right there in front of me my entire life, just waiting for me to discover it.

  3. Edmund says:

    I watched “Runaway Train” This weekend. That movie kicked major ass!!!

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