BP Movie Journal 6/7/18

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  1. Jeff Schroeck says:

    I’d love to see Jack Black test the limits of his charm by playing a Jim Jones type. I kept having to readjust my sympathies during The Polka King when I found myself rooting for him, cheering when he’d get another check from that couple.

  2. David, the animation style the name for which you were looking is “cutout animation,” direct, if not very creative.

    As for Star Wars and Empire, the Special Editions all had at least one deal breaker, and a positive or two. Empire’s negative comes at the very end, when the Falcon is escaping Bespin and the Star Destroyers. George created a needless link with Jedi by showing Vader shuttle over to his ship in one of those flying wing ships that open the third movie. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have known how he got there. This was back when John Williams would score an action scene with its own theme, a standalone piece of music, this one called ‘Hyperspace’ on the soundtrack, and these extra shots basically butt into that piece of music. Whether you’re aware of the piece itself or not, you feel it,and it affects the tension, basically removing it. Also, the simple line of Vader’s, “Bring my shuttle.” has changed to a line that would only sound natural to Mr. Burns; I think it’s “Prepare my Star Destroyer for my imminent arrival!” Anyway, it’s risible.

    On the other hand, boxes around T.I.E. Fighters and asteroids are gone. Snowspeeders aren’t see through. And Bespin? It has windows. Big, beautiful vistas of the outer city and the clouds beyond. From all three of the special editions, this was the most applauded, and elegant, change made to the films, also a pretty logical one. For Star Wars, many of the more obvious model shots in the Death Star battle were replaced. The new stuff better matches what they left in from the original film in dynamism. Frankly, it’s pretty spectacular. Plusses and minuses.

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