BP Movie Journal 8/2/18

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  1. bob says:

    CSI Episode; RASHOMAMA S6E21, April 2006. Also starring Daniel Roebuck, Ray Wise, Amanda Seyfried, Veronica Cartwright, and Chris Hardwick.

    Time has flown: i woulda thought 2006 was prime G4 Chris Hardwick era, not pre-weightloss. But apparently that was 2008-ish. Having listened to podcasts (esp this one & NNF) since 2006/2007, it’s hard to remember a time Hardwick wasn’t pervasive.

  2. bob says:

    …something something Marg Helgenberger…

  3. FictionIsntReal says:

    I knew women had been more prominent during the silent era (Mary Pickford was one of the founders of United Artists) without attending the event discussed, because I’d read Steve Sailer on the topic. But he associates the decline of women in Hollywood with an influx of immigrants from more patriarchal cultures (and specifically hostile toward Prohibition, which had been pushed by WASP women), and blames simplistic American thinking (in which things we now regard as good must go together) for failing to understand that past. It’s certainly hard to view “Sunset Boulevard” in the same light afterward.

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