BP Movie Journal 8/23/18

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  1. Caleb says:

    I remember an episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! in which (friend of BP!) Paul F. Tompkins complained about people referring to Justin Timberlake as a “comedian” (I think Friends with Benefits was a fairly recent release at the time). His argument was that Timberlake isn’t a comedian, but an actor. He might perform well in comedic roles, but he isn’t a “comedian” in the way Tompkins defines that word. I can see his point, as Timberlake isn’t a stand-up comic who writes and/or performs jokes. I had always thought of actors who specialize in comedic roles as comedians, though perhaps “comedic actor” is a better term. Tracy Morgan is definitely a comedian though; he’s a working, touring stand-up comic who started in the early 90s. Definitely better known for his film and television work, but I doubt other bonafide stand-up comics would decry his validity as a Paul F. Tompkins-certified “comedian.”

    Unrelated: goddam do I want to see Support the Girls! Every single bit of marketing I see and everything I hear about it sounds like something that could be in my end-of-year favorites list.

  2. FictionIsntReal says:

    One note about the terms “Eskimo” vs “Inuit”: they aren’t quite synonyms because the former word is also applied to groups like the Yupik & Aleut (who don’t like being mistakenly referred to as Inuit).

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