Brawl in Cell Block 99: Boneheaded, by David Bax

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3 Responses

  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    A bit weird he’s “punished for being a good person” when he’s actually locked up for his criminal work and then acts as something of a contract killer.

    • Boz says:

      Yeah he’s a drug dealer. Don’t know where good comes into play.

      • Da says:

        The movie does seem to try pretty hard to make you think Bradley is an awesome dude. Despite the fact he’s ready, willing, and able to murder and maim, and that his actions lead to his wife being kidnapped, the movie still seems to frame him as a paragon of noble necessity.

        That being said, maybe Zahler does have a more realistic idea of the character, and maybe he expects us to be able to decode that ourselves, but I did very much get the feeling we’re not supposed to think Bradley is a bad person.

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