Only Natural, by Craig Schroeder

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  1. Oliver Wendell Homeless says:

    I blame Obamacare. If God wanted you, a red-blooded American male, to have any interest whatsoever in lactation, he would have given you functional teats. This movie is all lady stuff that, when discussed in the open, distracts young men like you from the daily task of earning a living and running the world. Now, Obamacare has injected girlie body talk into our daily lives. Unless we men pretend to pay attention and nod approvingly of the little darlings trying to fool themselves into a feeling of relevancy, we are called “racists” or “chauvinists,” or, worst of all, “mansplainers.” Why can’t you be more like Donald Sterling, a real man: no pussyfooting around with minorities and girls. He thinks “by God, I run this team (country) and I know what is best.” He’s a billionaire with a girlfriend half his age and a wife — God love her— that defends both his right to rule and his right to the girlfriend. That shit is what made us great, and that Kenyan in the White House wants us to give it up!

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