Family Ties, by David Bax

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  1. Sarah Brinks says:

    Damn, now I’m going to have to decide if my crush on Mathew Goode outweighs my squeamishness… Tough call!

  2. Joey LePage says:

    Great movie and great review!

    For the first 10 minutes I was worried. Beneath my idiot grin during the early moments of wook-Park-play, I was mumbling little prayers that all his quirky fun (e.g. the quick cuts of her shoes/into a horseshoe barricade around her) wouldn’t scare (away) newcomers to his work and those expecting something closer to The Last Exorcism Part 2. Throw in Mia Wasikowska with her “I’M ACTING REALLY HARD!!!” face, and Wentworth Miller’s “I’M WRITING REALLY HARD!!” script, and I was reasonably more scared than I was coming out of The last Exorcism Part 2. Uh-oh this might be bad….

    But, I’m dumb, I should have trusted Chan-wook Park more. He knew exactly what he was doing. RE: your comments about heightened mannerisms–Wasikowska ended up doing a fantastic job. And once sucked in by Park/Chung’s beautiful world (around the time Uncle Charlie [a marvelous Goode] treats Stoker a meal she can’t help but savor), I couldn’t help but enjoy Miller’s script too.

  3. Really glad that I finally caught up with this film based on your recommendation. The strangeness of it has stuck with me for days. You’ve captured the essence of what makes this film a great one.

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