Cannes 2019: Bacurau, by Luiz Oliveira

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    “when much of the country’s economic elite fantasizes that it is more closely related to Europeans and Americans than their darker-skinned compatriots”
    Is that really a fantasy? A study here says that European ancestry averages 60.6% in the northeast (where the film is set) and 77.7% in the south, where those other characters you mention are from.
    Brazilians who self-identify as black actually tend to have nearly as much European ancestry as African, but Brazilians who self-identify as white do indeed tend to have a higher percentage of European ancestry.

    There are multiple ways of interpreting your statement, depending on whether we’re just comparing the distances of Brazilians to Europeans or to each other. In the latter case, Bahia would be the one area listed where the percentage of European ancestry among self-identified whites averaged low enough (at 67%) that it was closer to self-identified blacks (reaching a low of 43% at Rio & Rio Grande de Sol and a high of 54% in Bahia) than to 100% Europeans.

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