Classic Horror Cast: Re-Animator

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  1. Joey Mabile says:

    What’s up, guys?! I haven’t listened to the Re-Animator episode, yet (Hell, I’ve never even seen the movie), but I wanted to give you guys kudos on the podcast, overall. I just discovered it, and listened to the episodes covering my two favorite horror flicks ever, The Shining and the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Awesome work! I’ve geeked-out over these two flicks for years, and thought I’d uncovered every bit of trivia that was out there. I learned lots of stuff I didn’t know about in both episodes, and that’s saying a lot!
    Keep up the good work! There are a ton of podcasts out there, and most of them are by comedians who aren’t funny, or regular guys who think they’re comedians but aren’t. Y’all are a joy to listen to. Thanks!

  2. Joey Mabile says:

    Also, a suggestion for a future episode. Have y’all considered covering Stephen King’s “Pet Sematary”? Not everyone considers it a classic, but I sure do! It’s gotta be the biggest gut-punch of a movie ever, and Zelda would give anyone nightmares for days!

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