Classified Information, by Tyler Smith

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2 Responses

  1. Scott C. says:

    I keep returning to the ghostly silhouettes of Clyde passing by Hoover’s office toward the beginning of the movie. It’s a strangely expressionistic touch for such a straightforward movie. Trying to reconcile this and the structure that leaps through time for no apparent reason with the movie we’re presented is a futile task. It must have made sense to someone at some point. Most likely, Dustin Lance Black. If this is the case, the movie you wish for might actually be in there. Clint Eastwood is far too literal to bring it to the screen. When you mention Oliver Stone…he’s the man for the job.

  2. Dan O. says:

    Good review. There are problems with the story mainly because it feels like we are just going through all of these events that happened in Hoover’s life, without any real connection or anything. However, DiCaprio’s performance is great and Eastwood really does know how to direct any type of film and at least bring out some rich drama with its story even if it may be a bit muddled. Check out my review when you get the chance.

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