Comic-Con 2015: Archer


The cast and creators of Archer aren’t far enough along in production of the new season to have the premiere ready to show like they usually do (this year’s early Comic-Con has caused a lot of those sorts of issues). But they put together a long, character by character highlight reel that served the same purpose, getting everyone excited for the show to return early next year. The whole regular cast was in attendance and served up plenty of energy and laughs, at one point agreeing unanimously that Cyril is the show’s darkest character and reflecting on the pilot script, in which Pam was described as mousy. Then they showed a special clip produced for Comic-Con especially, in which Pam and Krieger dress as Immortan Joe and the Door Warrior while Archer disses most of the major movies at the convention (Batman vs. Superman should be fifteen seconds long because Batman has no powers; The Man from U.N.C.L.E. won’t work because who cares about an update of Soviet-era spy tropes?; Marvel is running out of ideas – that’s how you get ants). Great stuff overall.

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