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Comic-Con 2016: Day Two, by David Bax

Friday at San Diego Comic-Con this year was a light day for me, panel-wise, but not without its highlights, culminating in one of my all-time favorite SDCC experiences. I started off walking through the PetCo Interactive Zone, an offsite attraction...

Comic-Con 2015: Hannibal 1

Comic-Con 2015: Hannibal

Well, this is it. The final panel for recently canceled Hannibal. There was some talk of Netflix turning it down due to a legal conflict and Bryan Fuller essentially turning Amazon down because they wanted it fast and cheap. And there...

Comic-Con 2015: Outlander 0

Comic-Con 2015: Outlander

This is how you do a Comic-Con panel for a TV show. Sure, at the Outlander panel, they mentioned the upcoming home video release and showed some very cool looking footage from the next season. But mostly, a Comic-Con panel for something...