Craig’s Top Ten of 2013

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  1. Dan Heaton says:

    Glad to see both Frances Ha and Drinking Buddies on this list; I was charmed and emotionally invested in both films. Spring Breakers is an enigma for me. I agree that it’s a stunning movie and has great scenes, but it also left me cold and distant.

  2. andyluvsfilms says:

    A very nice list, I especially enjoyed Frances Ha, Blue, A Band Called Death and Drinking Buddies. I haven’t seen Llewyn Davis yet and Her is yet to be released over here.

  3. Oliver Wendell Homeless says:

    I blame Obamacare. I assume you are a native-born, white male. Yet you never mention great American films like “The Lone Ranger,” or the Schwarzenegger and Stallone thing that came out in 2013. Instead, you are all agog over foreign films with non-American directors made somewhere other than Hollywood USA. You mention that you are in your twenties. Because of Obamacare you now think first of films that show America to be flawed and unjust, or films that show characters who have an entitled attitude because they think that the rest of us will pay for their herpes medications and birth control pills. Instead, you should have placed Tonto and Schwarzenegger in your 10-best list. They are fine examples of great Americans who live free and grab what they want, the rest of you be damned. You’re still young, so I hope you will change over time as you watch foreigners, women, and homosexuals wipe out the good Southern culture to which you were born. Just sayin’.

    Btw, a real American sent me to this website and told me what a good writer you are, even though you are a Kenyan anti-colonial socialist. He lives in SoFla and claims he’s related to you.

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