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I’ll Remember You, by Daniel Bergamini

For a year I shot footage for my 2nd short film, I’ll Remember You. Technically, however, this film pulls together footage from 2005 to as recently as August, 2012. It is a film about not seeing a future, and being...


What’s In a Game? by Daniel Bergamini

A never ending debate among film and video game fans alike is whether or not a film based on a video game could ever be great. As it stands now, no such film has come remotely close to that goal....


Oscar Thoughts, by Daniel Bergamini

This morning, film journalists, bloggers and fans dragged themselves out of bed to watch the 84th annual Academy Awards nominations. And like always, it ended with disappointment, shock and the occasional pleasant surprise. The Academy Awards is one of the...


Cheerleading, by Daniel Bergamini

Cheerleading a film has never been part of my film reviews or writing. I see it often as  a website or writer buying into the marketing of a massive film and doing the studio’s job for them. There are exceptions,...


Daniel’s Top 10 of 2011

10. Attack The Block In 2011, two films paid tribute to Steven Spielberg and his films from the 1980s. It was a huge surprise to myself, and I am sure many others, that the better of the two films was...

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