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Bored Man, by David Wester

Borgman opens with three men, including a very angry-looking priest, who head into the woods heavily armed. They arrive at a spot in the middle of nowhere and start stabbing a giant stake into a hollow place under the ground. This...


Home Video Hovel- Jess + Moss

As the title would suggest, Jess + Moss zeroes in on the relationship between its two main characters, putting the titular pair under microscopic scrutiny. Jess is a girl out of high school who still behaves like a young child and Moss is a...


Home Video Hovel- Summer Holiday

While it is an unrewarding film, Summer Holiday earns some measure of goodwill for its restrained, honest depiction of the confusion and unease that can nearly destroy a marriage when one of the partners is at a turning point in their life. ...

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