David’s Movie Journal 12/1/11

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  1. Scott Nye says:

    Regarding only watching new movies, it’s that time of year. As much as we like to keep on top of new releases throughout the year, the pressure for completion tends to only bear down in November and December as year-end list time approaches. I’ve seen…one…pre-2011 movie in the last month. Out of…well, quite a few. Oh, and half of Bergman’s Summer Interlude, which I really should get around to finishing…

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Yeah, this movie journal started at the beginning of this year when I was trying to catch up on 2010 stuff before Tyler and I did our top ten. It looks like it will go that way again.

      – David

  2. Mattallica says:

    David, have you ever seen the documentary ‘Dreams on Spec’? It’s about a bunch of (mostly terrible) screenwriters trying to get their films made, one of which is ‘Behind the Mask’. Lots of interesting behind-the-scenes stuff if you like that movie.

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