David’s Top Ten of 2013

before-midnight-310. Before MidnightSCENIC-ROUTE-MEN9. Scenic Route12-in-a-world8. In a World…her-movie-2013-screenshot-sunset7. Hercaptain-phillips6. Captain Phillipsstranger-by-the-lake5. Stranger by the Lakethe-wolf-of-wall-street-official-trailer-hd-1073764-TwoByOne4. The Wolf of Wall Street00000.m2ts_snapshot_00.47.12_2013.05.18_22.31.04_original3. Upstream ColorPrince-Avalanche-still-22. Prince Avalanchethegreatbeauty6900x5061. The Great Beauty

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9 Responses

  1. andyluvsfilms says:

    Upstream Color and The Great Beauty were both in my Top 5 too, fantastic examples of art meets entertainment.
    Not heard of Stranger by the Lake but will investigate.
    Captain Phillips is a complete mystery to me especially when there’s a better……etc etc 😉

  2. Interesting to see that you loved Prince Avalanche so much. I enjoyed it, but it landed just outside of my top 30 because some of the meandering didn’t work for me. Solid list though, and the only two others I’ve seen (Captain Phillips and Upstream Color) both made my top 15 of the year.

  3. Dan Heaton says:

    It’s great to see In a World… on this list. I liked it a lot and think it’s been forgotten by many. Before Midnight was my #1 film of the year, so I’m obviously good with that pick. I admired Upstream Color, but I still feel a little cold towards it despite its unique approach.

  4. richmond_Pope says:

    Fun fact: Even when you throw in The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Beauty is 20 minutes longer than all the other nine films combined!

  5. Duncan says:

    Great episode guys!

    Here’s kind of how I interpreted the ending to The World’s End:

    Gary has been living his life as a “blank”, unable to emotionally mature beyond that one night back in high school, and using those select memories to construct his identity. By being offered a chance to return to that night, and rejecting it, he has passed that stage in his life, and able to grow into an adult person (like his friends).

    Now, he helps other blanks evolve beyond their pre-programmed, pre-selected memories, and mature into human beings. Like the 12 steps of AA, he takes them through the 12 pubs, and helps them break there dependance on their alien overlords. He is their sponsor.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I love that reading! I’ll make sure Tyler sees it so he can be further shamed by how wrong he is.

      – David

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