Double Feature: Romancing the Stone/Sorcerer

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  1. Bryan Colley says:

    You missed that Zemeckis also wrote Spielberg’s “1941” with Bob Gale before they wrote “Used Cars.” Spielberg was their protege. Bob Gale also co-wrote on “I Wanna Hold Your Hand,” “Used Cars,” and “Back to the Futures” but not “Romancing the Stone.” “Romancing the Stone” seems to be more of a studio project that Zemeckis was just hired for – possibly because “1941” and “Used Cars” both bombed (despite being awesome movies).

    Danny DeVito at the time was a comic actor famous from the TV show “Taxi” (which also had Christopher Lloyd) and he’s pretty much playing the same character in “Romancing the Stone.”

    And adventure movies often have jungles, but sometimes have ships and mountains and desert too. They’re just movies where someone goes on an adventure. It’s not really a specific genre with well defined tropes, maybe because it’s derived from literature.

    “Adventures in Babysitting” is set in Chicago. Note the the climax on the Smurfit Stone Building: And yeah, it’s a spoof of adventure movies and teen comedies – not a true adventure movie.

  2. Bryan Colley says:

    Some double and triple feature suggestions!

    The American – Blast of Silence

    if… – O Lucky Man – Clockwork Orange

    Japan’s Longest Day – Emperor – Seven Days in May

    12 Angry Men – Ox-Bow Incident – The Wrong Man

    Mad Max: Fury Road – Snowpiercer – The General

    The Walk – Safety Last

    Baby Doll – Lolita

  3. Bryan Colley says:

    You might want to know that Sorcerer was budgeted at $15 million, ran overbudget to $22 million, and grossed $9 million worldwide, so Joe the plumber didn’t go see it. It came out a month after Star Wars.

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