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  1. Great idea for a discussion. Every movie-lover needs a criteria.

    However: from this podcast (the only I’ve heard) I don’t find any evidence that either of you are very selective at all. You talk as if you know what the idea is, but your choices don’t indicate any real discernment. You’ve pulled up to the buffet and by gum, you’re going to sample everything.

    Not that I think you’re the exception. As a married adult with two children, a house and a job, I find that I simply don’t have the time to view or partake of everything I’d like to. So I have to make choices- with my time and my money. (This recent AVClub article-,55136/ -goes a ways to articulating real selectivity of culture.)

    While I can’t put a number on the ‘right’ amount of movies to own, I *do* think that there’s something inherently wrong with American consumerism. And in this case, I’m still learning to ask myself, “Why do I need this? What will I do with it?” If I don’t have a good answer for those, I don’t need it- and more specifically to movies, I ask, “Would I want to lend or show this movie to someone else?”

    So you have the “ability” to watch a favorite performance anytime you like. But do you? Can you, really? And if being able to access/own what we love on demand really is important, what does it say about our relationship to art? These are the kinds of deeper questions that I’d like to have heard you challenge yourselves with.

    (Personally, I periodically cull through my collection to evaluate which titles, if any, I can part with. This, I’ve found, is a spiritually helpful exercise.)

    Your appetite for movies is impressive. But you shouldn’t mistake it for understanding.

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      I wrote out a very long response to this comment, because it bothered me so much, but I deleted it. Because I realized that you listened to one episode and saw that as license to make broad statements about David and myself; not merely about our DVD-buying habits, but about our abilities to discuss film intelligently, and indeed about our lives in general. You do not know us and, as far as I can tell, you are not interested in knowing us. The fact that that does not stop you from judging us angers me, but ultimately allows me that rare opportunity to not give a shit about anything you have to say.

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