EPISODE 220: artist profile of F.W. MURNAU

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  1. Battleship Pretension says:

    Please note that three of Murnau’s films, “Nosferatu,” “Faust,” and “The Last Laugh,” are all available on Netflix Watch Instantly.

  2. Christoffer says:

    Not only was Tabu finished and released (the week after Murnau died), but it’s considered one of his greatest film. It’s very high on They Shoot Picture’s Don’t They’s top 1000 (227), included in what’s most likely the most profilic film recommendation book “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” and not only that, it’s one of my 3 favs as well. But then my number one favorite is Faust. But check it out, it’s absolutely wonderful.

    Also, if you ever get a chance to see Burning Soil (Der brennende Acker) it’s highly recommended. Very strong family drama, that for some reason reminded me of The White Ribbon, though only for being dark and visually stimulating film about the same kind of small town, of course with the focus on the patriarchs. It’s painfully forgotten and I would certainly place it among his very best films.

    P.S. Is 1 hour and 55 minutes really that long? Isn’t 90-120 mins usually considered normal running time? I’ll admit that if a movie I’m not too interested in is boardering on 2 hours I’ll probably be less likely in seek it out right away, rather than if it had been 90 mins or below.

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