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  1. Rick Vance says:

    You guys are a comedy podcast and you talked for an hour about Football movies and didn’t at least bring up Ace Venture?

    Laces Out
    Laces Out

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      While we do frequently have comedians on the show, we do not consider ourselves a comedy podcast. We are a film podcast, first and foremost.

  2. Ferox Res says:

    ‘Tis a pity this episode was so short (for reasons you explained at the beginning), because there are an abundance of football films you could have touched on. Anyway, two observations, unrelated:

    Tyler, given your attitude toward sports that is, shall we say, less enthusiastic than the thypical “Amurrican” male, I’d like your thoughts on this. I have often told the more rabid sports fans I know that they need to watch a double feature of “Invictus” and “Big Fan.” While neither is a perfect film, they do show us opposite ends of the spectrum. “Invictus” gives us an example of how sports can unify a people and heal a wounded nation, giving us sports at their very best. “Big Fan” gives us, well … the exact opposite, and I find it hilarious. I think there is a great conversation to be had about this.

    Secondly, regarding your brief tangent about Matthew Modine … have either of you seen “Birdy”? Here is a beautiful film (at least I think so) about friendship starring two then unknown young actors–Matthew Modine and Nicholas Cage. We have seen the different trajectories their careers have taken, and it has always puzzled me–what made Cage a bigger star and more of a household name than Modine, when it is clear in “Birdy” that each actor had star potential? Was it Cage’s willingness to take on more goofy, challenging roles and even let himself be made the fool (see “Vampire’s Kiss”–what a silly film)? Or is it that his last name is actually Coppola?

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