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  1. you know one of the reasons I love BP? Tyler swears but doesn’t give a shit. Being a christian myself, or at least growing up christian, I appreciate someone who cares about their faith and be able to roll off a “fuck” or two. Still getting into the episode btw.

  2. Mladen says:

    Yay! Doctor Who!
    I never thought I’d see (hear?) the day when you guys talk about this show on BP.
    @Tyler, I can attest that you can pretty much throw yourself into this show at any point. Its very ‘episodic’, but not so much as Star Trek TNG for example. The episode ‘Blink’ was what hooked me on the show, so it might be a good place to start (and its an episode in which the main characters barely even appear).

  3. arjay says:

    Bravo. Kyle is really funny. Nice one-liners.

    Tyler, I hope you enjoy New Zealand. Are you doing a meet-up?

  4. John says:

    I was surprised you guys didn’t touch on the most important reason for the movie’s Oscar backlash; namely the behind-the-scenes campaigning of the Harvey Weinstein machine. Obviously, Weinstein’s not committing any crimes nor is he the only one actively campaigning. However,he comes off the most shameless and crass when peddling his Oscar hopefuls. Most people see it as Weinstein reminding us it’s never about the merits of the movies themselves. Weinstein knows the Academy prefers safe unchallenging product that makes them look good and he delivers.

    I heard most people didn’t mind The Artist. I think most detractors preferred better films receiving a fraction of the recognition The Artist gobbled up. I haven’t seen The Artist, but I won’t be surprised if it joins other Weinstein Oscar winning wares (Chicago, Shakespeare in Love, The King’s Speech)in the Why Did That Movie Won An Oscar? Case Files.

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