EPISODE 264: with special guest COLIN MARSHALL

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9 Responses

  1. Seth H. says:

    I think this episode might be BP’s crowning achievement. Well done, sirs.

  2. I like Colin Marshall! He knows way more about film than you guys.

  3. arjay says:

    Firstly, thanks for introducing me to Colin Marshall. I’ve been downloading his podcast for a few weeks.

    I’m glad you had a good time in NZ, Tyler. Our hotdogs are terrible because to us a hotdog is a sausage on a stick. We also have “American” hotdogs, but no one really knows how to make them.

    Other than that, we’re fucking awesome.

  4. Rick Vance says:

    Interestingly I was half expecting you guys being comic fans to bring up the Early 90s Image guys when you brought up Grunge and the crassness of the 90s.

    Also a generation of comics that took the popular thing from older celebrated works without necessarily taking the other moments that make the cool moments gel.

  5. Steve C. says:

    Your finest (three) hour(s)! It felt comprehensive but still could have continued another half hour to cover Lisa Cholodenko, Tom DiCillo, and amazingly not mentioned, Ang Lee. What fortune that your other guest went MIA b/c Colin came prepared. I’m now reading “Sundance Kids” and “Rebels on the Backlot” (I’ve read the other two) based on this episode. I wanna give an honorable mention to two films from the 90s that kinda encapsulate the era: “Smoke” and “Buffalo 66” (though no honor to Vincent Gallo) and maybe a director whose best work only came out of the 90s: Abel Ferrar.

  6. Patrick says:

    This is my favorite episode of the year thusfar.

  7. Maybe my favorite BP episode ever (at least my favorite yet)! Love the idea of going over a period of film and bringing someone in as an ‘expert’ of sorts to mediate.

  8. DBSweeney says:

    Outstanding episode … maybe worthwhile having a look at the ‘second tier’ of directors from the early 90s who never achieved the success of those you mentioned; e.g.

    (the already mentioned) Tom DiCillo (Living in Oblivion)
    Carl Franklin (One False Move)
    Rose Troche (Go Fish)
    (the actually successful) Todd Haynes (Poison, Safe)
    Tom Kalin (Swoon)
    Tamara Jenkins (Slums Of Beverley Hills)

    and more …

    All the above remind of when I was at uni and hanging out with fellow cinephiles. A great time for film.

    Also, it’s interesting to consider who would have been the influence on this wave of interesting US cinema … the 70s’ American new wave, and the likes of the Coens, Sayles, Rudolph, Lynch and Jarmusch in the 80s.

    As for the Hal Hartley film I’d suggest as the one to check out (the last relatively ‘big’ one he had), Henry Fool.

  9. GP says:

    Excellent show!

    Could you post the books that he recommended?

    Many Thanks!

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