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  1. Eric says:

    Hmm, just some thoughts on that opening discussion on “Spoilers”:

    Sure, Quentin Tarantino has a history of defending some of cinemas “worst” efforts but I’m not sure that he’s arguing that there’s no such thing as a poorly made film, just that filmmakers shouldn’t dismiss the opportunity to learn from every movie they see.

    On the other hand Kevin Smith, I think, believes the intellectual and everyman can’t coexist and that his show is some antidote to the stuffy snobbery of critics. I mean, there’s also the business of his past experiences with critics but… I think he’s simply looking to validate his demographic, the film geeks who typically enjoy blockbusters (certainly not a bad thing) but are unwilling to back their opinions up with an informed argument (kind of a bad thing). Smith’s attitude seems to be “why can’t we just enjoy movies instead of getting all snooty about them.”

    So two things:

    I don’t think Kevin Smith understands that real critics also “revere” movies and their criticism only comes from the desire to see something worth seeing.

    I don’t think filmmakers, like you said, watch films differently and definitely not with some passive “well at least they went ahead and made a movie” attitude. If that were the case then filmmakers wouldn’t be driven to make good movies, would they. And I, personally, highly doubt Quentin Tarantino was implying anything of this sort.

    And I’m looking forward to throwing out some of my own favorite movie scores sometime that’s not now at 12 am after having written all this nonsense.

  2. octagonproplex says:

    Phil Collins doesn’t dime 911 ’cause Phil is from the streets and is no punk snitch!

    Prissy little rich boy Peter Gabriel would have poo’d his pantys trying to flag down the fuzz!

  3. Eric R. says:

    Tyler, I almost fell out of my chair when you revealed your final pick. Like David, I don’t have a great ear for music, particularly when that music is accompanied by film. So, despite my love of The Shadow, I never paid much attention to the score. But you better believe I’ll listening more closely next time I watch the film.

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