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  1. Patrick says:

    ‘My Fellow Americans’ is one of my favorite comedies from the 90s. I could watch it again right now.

  2. antho42 says:

    In terms of romantic comedies:
    Love Me If you Dare
    Lovers on the Bridge
    Boy Meets Girl
    Mauvais Sang
    Jules and Jim
    A Woman is a Woman
    I also think that Japan and South Korea might be also be better than the USA in regards to Romantic comedies.

  3. Me_Or_Something_Like_Me says:

    Loved the show. You mentioned “The Contender” and one of you (unfortunately I forget which) mentioned presidents don’t call out people during State of the Union addresses, but haven’t we seen this recently in many State of the Union addresses (admittedly not exactly so directly, but not so veiled either).

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      President Obama did call out the Supreme Court for making a decision that he didn’t like, which was considered very bad form, mostly because it isn’t usually done.

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