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  1. Antho42 says:

    I do not think There Will Blood is a shoe in for future polls. It is a very divisive film. Rosenbaum, D’angelo, and Ebert were not big fans of the film. Personally, I will rate countless films of the last decade above There Will Blood, including No Country for Old Man.

  2. Boothe says:

    Mr. Anthony’s defense of ‘old white men’ (filmmakers) was very passionate.

  3. This is my favorite episode in months. I found myself agreeing with Tyler a ton in this episode.
    I totally pumped my fist in the air when West said “Its time to let go of 8 1/2”
    I’ve tried to watch that film twice. Once when I was younger and once more recently, and I can’t make it through it. My theory is that everybody loves the imagery of the first 5 minutes is so powerful that people bestow the rest of the film with that same level of brilliance.

    I’ve never seen Vertigo (its on my ever growing shame list), but I’m still glad to see the king fall in the same way that I always enjoy it when Ohio State loses.

    My pick for the greatest movie ever made: The Seventh Seal. No film goes as big in its themes and achieves them so simply.

    My List
    1. The Seventh Seal
    2. The Grand Illusion
    3. Night Of The Hunter
    4. Singing In The Rain
    5. Casablanca
    6. The Lives Of Others
    7. The Apartment
    8. Midnight Cowboy
    9. Blow Up
    10. The 400 Blows

  4. Rick Vance says:

    You guys talking about both Herzog and Goddard reminded me of this Herzog quote that I love.

    “Jean-Luc Godard is for me intellectual counterfeit money when compared to a good kung fu film.”

  5. Steven says:

    Loved the episode. You guys talk about doing something special for the 300th show and after listening to this past discussion I think it would be cool if you guys did the episode about your updated Top Ten Favorite Films lists. I recall David mentioning at one point how his list has changed in addition to Tyler sharing his updated list here and on the MTOL website. You could talk about how your opinion of films once in your top ten has changed or how you’ve grown as a film watcher/critic since the last list and how that has affected your favorites list. Also it could possibly give an opportunity for one of the other writers to come on and share their top ten. Just a thought. Again, great show as always.

  6. Davide Coppola says:

    Interesting discussion. West is the best! 😀 As an Italian male, I have to tell you I know where those movies come from and in more places than not (especially in the southern regions) people still have this cliched view of woman (sadly).

  7. Stephen says:

    Listening to the podcast now and heard West mention the concern about buying the online access to the issue for one month. I’ve been looking at Barnes and Noble stores all over Houston, TX the last few weeks and haven’t been able to find it at all. Has anybody found a retailer in the United States that is carrying it?

  8. Remy says:

    Shoah and Close-Up are documentaries.

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