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  1. Ray (@RaySquirrel) says:

    A while back I started a YouTube playlist listing some of my favorite movie trailers. I was surprised to see there was to see a lot of overlap:


    Some of my favorites that were not mentioned include an unused teaser trailer for Panic Room, the trailers for Eraserhead, Dark City, Sin City, Primer, the re-release trailer for THX-1138, and a pretty terrible but visually stunning Japanese live-action anime Casshern. I love trailers that establish a unique tone, and setting. I love the trailer for the original Nightmare on Elm Street because it is so quintessentially 80s, complete with the original New Line Cinema logo.

    One trailer which I love is for a film that was never actually finished. It is a indie, martial arts noir film called Those Who Go To Hell. It has some great black and white photography for a no-budget digital indie movie. It uses “Breeze – In Monochrome Night” from the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack to good effect, and gives a good sample of the quality fight choreography that you find in indie action movies.

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